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Why legalize
    (posted 2009-11-11 18:17:52)

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Why legalize
Blog Post by: claygooding
2009-11-11 18:17:52

1.Because the original tax act against marijuana was only voted in because of a lie,by a political appointee and a congressman in 1937.

2.Because it is wrong to put people in prison for nonviolent victimless actions or practices.

3.Because it will reduce America's waste of tax dollars and police resources.

4.Because legalization of marijuana removes the market from dealers that don't check ID's or care what age their customers are.

5.Because legalization allows anyone to grow their own medicines,whether for a sleeping aid,mood elevator,a pain reliever or a pharmaceutical pain reliever supplement that reduces the amounts of chemical medicines needed to reduce their aches and pains.

6.Because it removes 70% of the criminal cartels profits when Americans harvest their own marijuana,without guns,violence or the spending of billions of dollars paying another country to kill their own citizens,the guilty and the innocent.

7.Because marijuana blocks cancer and will reduce America's health costs by billions of dollars when we reduce the numbers of people requiring pharmaceutical cancer treatments because they never get the cancers in the first place.

8.Because legalization reduces the 40 billion dollar a year budget of the ONDCP,a beaureacratic empire that relies on marijuana interdiction and keeping pot illegal for over 50% of their budget.

9.Because it gives closure to a policy initiated by a president that was thrown from office because he was a sorry son of a bitch,and I can't believe that the DEA and Drug Czar think he was a hero or that the American people beleive he ever did anything for them and not just for himself. I was in DC in 1972,screaming for US to get out of Viet Nam and too legalize pot and now I wish I had hollered louder.

10.Because it is just time to do this and allow the science of every study by congress of marijuana since 1972 to decide our policy instead of myth's,lies and prejudices.


   "Marijuana is addictive in the same way sex is,anything that good deserves repeating"

                         "Reality is for people that can't handle drugs"

    "Pot will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through

                                                  times of no pot"

    "I hope that the prohibitionists never beleive in marijuana"s ability to block

      cancer,especially anyone connected with the ONDCP,because I can't think of anyone

     I want to get cancer more than them."

     "A war is when two or more groups of people give up on the legal processes and

          communication between them fails to settle theur differences and they have to

       resort to violence and brute force to settle them. Since the government is the only

       ones resorting to the above tactics,Gil is right when he says he doesn't want a war

       with the Americans using drugs,he likes it the way it is,they do all the killing and we

        do all the suffering,,,,,maybe it is time for change."




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rosebon said:
Ditto on everything you said! It is high time to erase from our lawbooks the terrible prohibition this country ails from. The prisons would be emptied to make room for the \"real\" bad guys....the feeling of doing something wrong. I think that the police would find other illegal acts to crack down on. Marijuana law reform is long overdue....You have said what many citizens believe...I commend you for this.

(2009-11-30 18:46:43)