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A Greedy Nation
Blog Post by: Dgrunther
2010-01-19 22:23:33

I understand that the Democratic candidate to fill Ted Kennedy's seat was an impersonal, unlikeable choice.  Still, the election of a Republican in the usually liberal Massachussettes shows just how callous our culture has become.  Wall Street responds with a big rise in prices as insurance companies and drug companies now feel confident they can continue to gauge us with high prices and limited health care.  And our fellow constituents are buying into their fear tactics which are nothing more than cynical strategies for maintaining their bottom line profits at the expense of the welfare of millions of Americans.

These people are blind to history.  One of the key factors of an empire accelerating in decline is the erosion of health care for the people who most need it.  Ultimately you can't have a healthy economy when so many Americans are sick and getting sicker because of inferior health care.

But I can't put all the blame on Republicans, no matter cynical and fear mongering they are.  President Obama has been a disappointment.  Too much time and energy mobilizing an escalated war in Afghanistan and too much bowing to the interests of big banks and Wall Street players who were primarilly responsible for the economic collapse in the first place.  He took his eye off the key prize:  Health Care reform.




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